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A moral high scene circumnavigates perspectives of allied truths. Bogey men call down rhythm. Only in One is respite for many.  Yet many calls for the same, many perspectives. At least more than one or two or even three.  Here is the chance for total usurpation of Bourgeoisie think tank. To have many perspectives in … Read more

Falling apart

Topsy turvy effect of chief conundrum, bypass surgery of falling through the hell like syndrome of Amsterdam port, sharing coffee with the chieftain and Gorilla. Mexico City bar. Inside out, too much to fathom with the dealings around, admixtures of romance. I care none. Perfect play. Performative aghast.  Who is here to reduplicate it, like … Read more

After-Life Coming

Man’s human abode is the molecular developmental plasmatic state of worlding. Who cares for the abode when life is agog with its own sight and sound? Sound the primary creative matter, resolute in reckoning the configuration of human body space. That is also filled with the basic substance, the materiality of consciousness. What then is … Read more

Crossing the road

Deeply penetrative writing, one among many forlorn. Whose writings shall I beget: now that the after has begun.  Recapitulation minute pointed through seconds. Nerves as usual. Slurred political from the street, gas chamber melancholy. High drainage system, no vomit, no qualms. Otherized solemnity, water for me. My ecrit about to be blank, before tense to … Read more

Presented Past

Illusive time is encapsulated in space. Space as an integrated three dimension has its own know-how. Three dimensional space is the objective limit. Time occurs through it. Time of future arrives as the fourth limit dimension, coalesced with the three dimensions of length, breadth and depth. The fourth limit dimension, as it is enabled through … Read more

Morbid Fecundity

Guile self exponents its own sham. Under the disinterested locus, solitariness is all that one sought for. It is the liminal being, which is the master of its own movementlessness, gets over the randomness of other truth seekers emblematic points of utterance. It is through this morbid solitariness that one maps the other syndrome. Other … Read more

Idea of Happiness

Happiness memorizes ‘itself’ through certain areas from ones past belongings. It is tied to the memory of that particular place, yet happiness itself, to its core, is a wholesome category. It is an ideational object, people sought for. It is an object of random search. As it is a category of holistic pattern, its sensibilities … Read more

Detour, rampant

Glaring images, assessing itself through condensed sound, conglomerate with the passable pictorials, slashes the psyche. Solidified sound lands with image, in contradiction with upper hand pictorials. Imminent pictorials, immanent, gets starved and thingified with contra-pictures, images. Journey, not yet begun, but half done. Roundabout ways, solipsism towards the road. Road must never end. Annals of … Read more